Monday, March 12, 2012

Why Didn't My House Sell?

Following are some tough questions for home owners:
  • Did you have a dollar amount set when you priced your  home?
  • Did your price reflect what you want to get for the sale of your home?
  • Did your price reflect the current local real estate market activity?
  • Do you understand the current local real estate market:
  • Did your price reflect the actual condition of your home?
  • Are you really aware of the actual condition of your home?
Next, a walk around the home.  Have you learned to live with things that you no longer see?  Do you really understand how a buyer will see your home?

Routine maintenance. A new roof is routine maintenance.  Septic repairs are routine maintenance.  How is your heating system? Is it new? That is routine maintenance by the way.  Because if it is broken, leaking, not working properly, it should be repaired or replaced.  But here is the key--and easy to remember.

1. If it is repaired or replaced, it is not going tot cost you money off the price of the home! Yeah!
2. If it wasn't, if your roof is at the end of its life, if you need a new septic system, if any of your mechanicals are not working properly it will cost you.

If you did keep up with the routine maintetnance of your home, you get a gold star, a pat on the back, an atta boy, atta girl, but you don't get extra money.  But you don't get money deducted! It is a great selling point though, something to be featured prominently in the marketing of your home.

Are you the nicest house on the block? Here is the real answer to that question.  It didn't sell because buyers didn't find itt attractive enough to make an offer.  If it is not priced for condition, for location, accoding to the current local real estate market you will not sell.

And here is something you may not even realise.  If it is overpriced they won't even consider it because it is off their radar in the first place!

When you call us and ask why your home didn't sell, I will let you know.  The proper diagnosis will help you make the most important decision of all.

Are you really ready to sell your home?

Because if you price it ahead of the competition, if you price it according to the current local real estate conditions, if you price it according to the condition of the home, condition of your neighborhood, you stand a far better chance of selling.  If not, you will be asking that question over and over again.


(adapted from Swiedler & Adams, Prudential brokers, Litchfield County)

A book for consideration:     The Art of Fielding by Chad Horbach

Although the main character, Henry Skrimshander, is a magical, but scrawny, young shortstop who factors prominently in this excellent first novel by Horbach, the novel is much more than just a baseball novel.  It is a campus novel, a romance novel (including a full-fledged gay romance), and it is about the human condition in all its various aspects.  Read it.  You'll meet an interesting group of characters and think about life, all while being captivated by the drama and tension of the stories.

Until next time, or, contact me anytime!

Doris Sisley
Prudential CT Realty