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Thinking of downsizing or moving to a central GR condo or coop?

Central GR condo and coop sales since 1/1/2011
Since the beginning of 2011, 16 condos or coops in central Greenwich have sold, or are in contract.  They were on the market between 45 and 700 days, with the median # of 233days.  Only one property closed a "tad" above asking.  All the others sold between 5% and 11% off the last list price.  Almost all properties had granite counters, updated baths, nice flooring.

Smaller solds
Jr one bedroom/studio with 648 sq. feet sold for $200,000 at 20 Church St.
One b.r./ 585 sq. ft. sold for $252,000 at 50 Lafayette Court

Medium solds
One b.r. with 1038 sq. ft. sold for $350,000 at 20 Church Street
Two b.r. with 980 sq. ft. sold for $285,000 at 52 Lafayette Court
Four remaining two b.r. with between 1,248 sq. ft and 1357 sq. ft. sold between $470,000 and $750,000.

Larger size solds
One two b.r. and five three b.r. with between 1520 square feet and 4073 square feet sold between $875,000 and $2,900,000.  1 Milbank Avenue and 90 E. Elm Street sold  at $1,800,000 and $2,900,000.  The latter was built in 2005, and although listed as a condo, is free-standing with it's own elevator.

Central GR active condos and coops:
Smaller actives:
If your budget is below $600,000, then check out these priced between $349,000 and $595,000, there are seven options on the market between 900 square feet and 1422 square feet in this price range--two one b.r., two two b.r. and three three b.r.  Five of them are in the Putnam Hill coop hi rises, or in the Putnam Park complex.  Putnam Hill and Putnam Park location is prime, and the value is good since heat, taxes, and maintenance is all inclusive/ affordable.  The other unit is a one bedroom at 33 W Putnam with 1100 square feet, asking $539,000.

Medium actives:
Four between $625,000 and $995,000.  Square feet--1318 to 1529+.  Two two bedrooms and two three bedrooms.  Sherwood Place, 47 Lafayette Place (tudor bldg) and 20 Church Street. 

Larger size actives:
Eight between $1,175,000 and $3,695,000.  Square feet--1380 to 3630.  One one b.r., four two b.r., three three b.r.  Locations--20 Church, 15 Lafayette Court, 1 Milbank, E. Elm, and Bruce Park Ave.

Other observations:
Sherwood Place, 1 Milbank, 104 E. Elm, and 34 Bruce Park have been built since 1981 and owner pays own utilities.  Central GR buildings constructed prior to that date include heat and hot water in maintenance price.

All of the above units are totally walkable to GR Avenue, the train, shopping, restaurants, and the library.  Plus, you could take snacks and a drink and ferry over and back to Captain's Island in the early evening.  Nice diversion for cocktiail hour!

Travel Destination of interest:
In my quest for affordable travel destinations, I spent four October days in PA visiting two Frank Lloyd Wright houses:  Fallingwater and KentuckKnob, also visited AIR 93 crash site, and hiked in the Ohiopyle State Park. Stayed at  Holiday Inn Express Suites in Donegal, Pa, new,clean, a good value, plus a stone's throw from "Out of the Fire Cafe" which was excellent.  BYOB.  I'd give it 3+ stars.  roasted mushroom soup out of this world!!

Streams, hills, scenery in the area are spectacular.  Fallingwater in depth tour was well worth it, and unspeakably fascinating for a house built in the '30's.  Site has a great gift shop and cafe for lunch.

Kentuck Knob, 1959, is owned by an Englishman, who has installed sculpture in the meadows and pathways.  Both the house and sculpture gardens were also intriguing.  A piece of the Berlin Wall  was on display, plus works by Klaus Odenberg and others. 

 Fly to Pittsburgh, rent a car and GO.  Great get away outing.

That's it for now, let me know if you want to know more about a particular spectrum of GR real estate.

All best,

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